Vos informations personnelles

( nécessaire pour l’assurance de vos randonnées et visites )

Infos personnelles  ( merci de recopier et compléter la liste qui suit dans la zone de texte ci-dessous  )
Date de naissance:
Numéro de passeport:

Personal details


Contact Details

Medical info

Any food restriction?
Any allergy, disease or medication we should know?
Bee allergy?
Do you swim well?
Do you know CPR techniques?
Knee problems ?
Afraid of heights?

Extra medical info:

Experience and sport

Do you practice sports?

Your experience with multiple day hiking?

Extra info:

Travel details

Did you buy your bus/airplane tickets yet?

If you do not know this information yet, please send us afterwards.

Are you planning to take the bus in Salvador at 23:30 and arrive at 04:30 am in the dark?
We really can NOT recommend it, because maybe you will only sleep for 3 hours.
It requires more planning and attention, please be careful. If possible you can still change your bus tickets.

Your Arrival date and time in Lençóis:

Name pousada or hostel :

If you don't know yet, please check out our place:
Casa Bam Búrrio, a nice and spacious room for an affordable price.

What do to do with your baggage?

Estimated arrival time after trekking in Lençóis:
around 19:00 (2 and 3 trekking )
around 16:00 ( 4 day trekking )

Your departure date from Lençois:

Your Pousada or hostel after the trekking:

After the trekking, I am planning to take the night bus (23:30)

I am interested in a massage after the trekking. (1 hour with hot stones, R$ 120,00 )

I will try to send the signed document "declaration of awareness" as soon as possible.( see below )

I have read the document "cancellation policy" ( see below )

I confirm I will have the necessary equipment as described in the email from Diamantina Mountains.
*Contact us if you are in Brazil yet and have problems to get the right equipment, we can help you out.
** Not having the equipment can mean you can not participate the tour or trekking. Especially inappropriate shoes is dangerous for yourself and for the guide.

Document « Declaration of awareness of risks » >>Please download and print this pdf and send us the signed pdf. >>If not signed we will ask you to sign this document before the activity. Click and download this pdf
Document « Cancellation policy » Please have a look at our cancellation policy according the Brazilian law. By booking a tour or multiple day hike with us you agree with this policy. See or download this pdf

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