Aguas Claras and three brothers hills

Difficulty level 3

Level 3/5

From R$ 298,00 per person or € 49,05 * ( 4 participants )

Tour information

1 day

Start: 09:00-End: +-18:00

18km (+-4 hours) in total

Asphalt road : 30 min

Dirt road : no dirt road

Classic top hike !

Swimming in a natural pool

Ecological footprint : Small

Description and pricing

An incredible hike through the north of the National park.  Stunning landscapes will surround you on this quite flat trail at 1000m. The hike is back and forth to the Morrão hill, you will walk along the three brothers hills.  A refreshing dive in a beautiful natural pool waits for you around noon, where we eat the picknick. For who : For people who like to be outside all day and prefer rather flat trails, ideal for families.

Aguas Claras and three brothers hills Departure Lençóis: 09:00 AM Arrival Lençóis: around 18:00 PM To get to the beginning of the hike we need to drive for 30 minutes on an asphalt road.   The trails starts at a place called “Ponem” close to the famous “Pai Inacio” hill.  After crossing the small Mucugezinho river on a bridge you will have a broad landscape view all the time.  Normally in the morning, it is cloudy and in the afternoon sunny.  So the landscape changes a lot.   After 2 hours more or less we arrive at the bottom of the Morrão, the last of the 3 brothers hills.   On the bottom of the Morrão is the small and beautiful natural pool “Aguas Claras” where we stay a good time to swim and eat the pick nick.  We start the hike back with the sun a bit lower and appreciate the same landscape back from a different angle and with a lower sunlight.

  • Transport
  • Qualified guide
  • Pick nick
  • Hiking shoes or very good sport shoes
  • Rain jacket!
  • Hat or cap ( no shadow most of the time, in the morning cloudy)
  • Small backpack ( 20L, for your own gear  )
  • Water bottle of 1,5L
  • Sunscreen ! ! !
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Camera
Prices per personEnglish
Price in Euros
when 2 participantsR$ 398,00€ 65,50 *
when 3 participantsR$ 338,00€ 55,63 *
when 4 - 6 participantsR$ 298,00€ 49,05 *
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