Cachoeira do Poção and Cachoeira Capivarí

Amazing waterfalls on a moderate but adventurous day hike

Cachoeira do Poção and Capivarí

1 day – difficulty level 3,5/5
Level 3,5/5

From 285,00 BRL pp or € 51,22 * ( 4 participants )


Trek information

1 day

5-6 hours

Asphalt road : 10 min

Dirt road : 40 min

Start in Lençóis 8:00 Back in Lençóis 18:00

Distance: 14km

Great for real hikers !

AMAZING waterfalls

Ecological footprint : Small

Poçao e Capivari com descrição e difficuldades

Trekking Details

For who?

A great day hike for adventurous hikers who love to discover incredible waterfalls and sleep in a comfortable place in Lençóis. You can discover theses waterfalls in a 2 day Mixila trekking.  But doing so you really need to be prepared to sleep in the middle of nowhere with no infrastructure at all, no chairs, no toilet, no tables, 2 days back to basics.  The hike starts with a strong ascent of 300m. Once on top it is very easy hiking.  Only to get to the bottom of the Capivarí waterfall, you need to go down a technical part with rocks going down suddenly.

What to Bring?

Bring of your own:

  • Walking boots or very good shoes with a good sole!
  • Sweater ( for the fresh mornings in the winter: 14 to 18 C° )
  • Rain Jacket
  • Small backpack (15L)
  • Sunscreen ! ! !
  • Hat ! ! !
  • Sunglasses
  • Swim suit
  • Camera
  • Water bottle ( we can drink the very clean water of the rivers )
What is Included?
  • Transport Lençóis – Beginning of the trail and back ( dirt roads, crossing rivers)
  • Qualified English Guide
  • Pick Nick
Important info
  • Be aware that you will be hiking for 5-6 hours every day if you choose this trek
  • Weather conditions : with lots of rain, the trail to the Capivarí waterfall can be tricky so it can be cancelled if the guide decides

Difficulty: Moderate hike ( the strong ascent can be strenuous, the technical part down the Capivarí can be difficult)

40 minutes by jeep/motorcycle
on dirt roads ( + 40 min back)
6h00 ( Capivarí waterfall + Poção waterfall )
5h     ( Poção waterfall )

14,2km ( Capivarí waterfall + Poção waterfall)
11,2km ( Poção waterfall )

Long description

Lençóis, Serra do Bode, Cachoeira do Capivari, Cachoeira do Poção

From Lençóis, we will drive along the old mining road ( dirt road ) for 45 minutes.   The trail starts going up slowly, but after 20 min there is a very strong ascent, called the subida da Serra do Bode.  Most of the days, the sun is still behind the morning clouds, but you body will heat up fast going up on this rocky ascent.  You will have beautiful views of the Marimbus swamp.  Once you are on top of the Subida do Bode, the trail is totally flat for around 40 minutes.  It is around 2:30h later to get to the bottom of the Capivari Waterfall.  This great waterfall offers an incredible swim.  And we will stay here for pick nick.  In the afternoon we will hike for another 40 minutes until the Poção ( it means big pool ) Waterfall.  You can have another  great swim here. 

After the swim in the big pool of the Poção you walk back to the same place where we started the trail in the morning.  The strong descent is not soo technical, so it’s a lot less demanding than going up. 


Prices per personEnglish
Price in Euros
when 2 participantsR$ 398,00€ 71,52 *
when 3 participantsR$ 328,00€ 58,95 *
when 4 - 6 participantsR$ 288,00€ 51,76 *
more than 6 participantscontact us

Why Choose Diamantina Mountains

Small groups, no mass tourism

We make groups at at maximum 7 persons.  We believe bigger groups will have not enough contact with guides.

Best multilingual guides

We work with the best guides ( in our eyes ) of the region.  They all speak very well English and have an extensive knowledge.

Easy booking process in English

At Diamantina Mountains we speak mostly English.  From emails to whatsapp messages, we send you all the info in English.

Personal approach

We try to pick the best tours and trekking for your profile.  We look at the fitness level and personal preferences.

Best price for high standards

We calculate our prices very well with all details.  We believe we offer you great value for your price.

Many great reviews by international travellers

On tripadvisor we have the most international reviews written in English ( no translation ).  All of them are verified.

Although we are not really a trekkers family, we are used to travel, camp and walk. To this profile the four tours we did were perfectly : for a start an exploring afternoon (Devil’s Pool & Pai Inacio), of course the Paty Valley (one day, from the top) and a two day’s tour really finished it off with the Buracão.  All these parts were linked by Pieter’s experienced and entertaining (music, stories) cardriving on asfalt as well as dirtroads

Peter Jorna, Netherlands

We just finished a 3 days trekking with Pieter from Diamantina Mountains in the Patti Valley (about a 2 hours drive from Lençois) and were very fortunate to have him as our tour guide in this remote and stunning area.  Very helpful, encouraging and patient guide, providing us with surprisingly great lunches. Hope to make it once more to this lovely place.

Evelyne D'Haenens

I totally recommend “Diamantina Mountains”! We booked 4 tours with them and everything was amazing.
Peter and Louise acted always in our interest and were very dedicated to satisfy our needs and desires. The prices of the tours are very reasonable and you get a great value for your money.

Mariya Mladenova