FAQ  Frequently asked questions for the trekking

Where can we leave our bags ?
You can leave your bags in Pieters’ house or at your pousada if you sleep there on the returning day.

When do we leave on the first day ?
We leave Lençois at 06:30 in the morning.  We drive for 2 hours to Guiné where we will have breakfast.  At 08:30 we will have breakfast in Guiné.  We start the trek around 09:30.

If you arrive at 05:00 with the morning bus, we will be waiting for you.
You can use our shower before leaving but please provide your own soap and towel.

When do we return on the last day ?
We return around 20:30 in the evening.  If you are leaving with the bus on the same day, you can take a quick shower in Pieters’ house.

Is there a bank in Lençóis ?
Yes, on the main square you will find a bank with ATM machines to withdraw money.

Is there internet or cell phone connection in the Pati valley ?
No, there is no connection at all.
But you can charge the battery of your phone.  This is limited because the locals houses have only solar energy and batteries.

What to bring ?

-A medium sized backpack.  Not too small.  But no big backpack is needed.
-Waterproof hiking shoes !

Sun and rain
-rain coat
-sunscreen factor 30
-sun glasses
-sun glasses
-optional t shirt long sleeves


Cold nights
-long trousers
-light shoes or sandals for the night.

-swim suit
-little towel
-photo camera
-water bottle max 1 liter

-head torch
-basic medication for yourself ( your guide has a first aid kit )