Casa Bam Búrrio

Bambúrrio is a word used by the diamond prospectors when they found a big diamond or a good place for mining.  In our case we found a peaceful place to live.

Our peaceful garden

This is a place of calmness and peace. The surrounding area is the most quiet part of town and the entrance to the national park.  You can relax in our garden and chill out in the hammocks at our terrace.

In the morning birds will wake you up, sometimes small monkeys visit our garden for fruits.

our guesthouse

Our guesthouse

Our guesthouse has 2 spacious triple bedrooms with own bathroom.  There is a fan and mosquito net.  The room is always naturally air conditioned because of the forest and no direct sunlight in the afternoon.  Each room has its own entrance from outside.

our guesthouse

Our house

A big part of the house is made from the pink regional stone and beautiful wood structures.  The house was built around 20 years and was one the first in this part of town.   


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Dinner in town

We can give you tips and tricks to find the food you like: local or international kitchen.

Lençóis nowadays has a wide range of little restaurants;from local food, to pasta and pizza , to even mexican taquitos and burritos.  

There is a restaurant 2 minutes away from the pousada.  There is even an Italian with pizza delivery service in town.

Let us know if you would like to use our kitchen in our house.

Partners tours and trekking

You can book personalized and organized tours and trekking with us.

Look on tripadvisor for comments from other people.



Phone: +55 75 99836 8225 + 99846 2240

Address: Loteamento Parque do Ribeirão s/n

Neighborhood: Parque do Ribeirão

ZIP-Code: 46960-000

Lençois – Bahia