Devils pool | Pai Inacio | Lapa doce | Fumaça 2 days

Difficulty level 2,5 Level 2,5/5

1 night in vale do Capão

2 days

Ecological footprint : Average

Tour information

Day 1

Devils pool – Pai Inacio – Lapa doce cave

Tour starts : 08:00 Lençóis

2h 20min

Asphalt road : 1h 30min

Dirt road : 1h 15min

Swimming in Devils pool

Night in Vale do Capão

Tour end : 18:00 Vale do Capão

Day 2

Fumaça Waterfall

Tour starts : 08:00 Vale Capão

4 hours

Asphalt road : 1 hour

Dirt road : 50 min

Swimming in Riachinho waterfall

Tour end : 18:00 Lençóis

Description and pricing

2-day tour to see great and classic highlights of the north of the Chapada Diamantina with an overnight in the incredible valley of Vale do Capão.  You start in Lençóis and on your first day you will visit the Devils pool waterfall, the amazing Pai Inácio view and the huge Lapa doce cave.  On the second day, you will hike to the top of the Fumaça waterfall and drive back to Lençóis.

For who ?

For everybody who likes to see the classic highlights with an overnight in Vale do Capão.  An average level of fitness is required.  For all ages, up to 60 years.


You will sleep in Vale do Capão, a little hippie town surrounded by natural beauty.  Like in Lençóis you have many options for accommodation from the most simple to the most luxurous.  We leave you free to book your own accommodation via the known websites, of course we can give you some tips and reserve for you if requested.


Day 1

You will start in Lençóis and visit first the Devils pool.  After that, you will drive to the famous viewpoint of the Pai Inácio and in the afternoon you will visit the Lapa Doce cave.

Day 2

Today you will hike up 350 m, it takes around an hour.  After the steep climb, your path continues almost flat.  Before 12:00 you will reach the top of the Fumaça falls.  Please read the full description here.
In the afternoon you will hike back to Vale do Capão and go for a refreshing swim in the “Riachinho” waterfall.
You will be back in Lençóis between 17:00 and 18:30, depending on your group’s pace.


  • Transport ( Asphalt road: 110 km  dirt road: 60 km )
  • Qualified guide
  • 2 entrance fees ( Pai Inacio and Lapa doce cave )
  • 1 hot meal on 1st day and 1 picnic on the 2nd day

Not Included:

  • Accommodation in Vale do Capão ( we leave you free to book on your favourite sites, you can request us to book it for you )
  • Soft drinks during the hot buffet, dinner in Vale do Capão


  • Good hiking shoes ( preferably waterproof )
  • Sandals ( for the nights )
  • Sweater ( for the fresh or almost cold winter nights 14-18 degrees )
  • Rain jacket ! !
  • Medium backpack ( for your own gear + some small food supplies for lunch )
  • Sunscreen ! ! !
  • Hat ! ! !
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Camera
  • Water bottle



  • Weather conditions: Nothing is perfect.
    -The falls dry up after 2 weeks without any rain at all. Fortunately, the views to the canyon remain spectacular!
    -With lots of rain, the path to the falls is full of water.
  • The path is between 1000 m and 1300 m and has almost no shadow! Lots of sunscreen and a good hat!

Prices per person
when 2 participantsR$ 968,00€ 159,75 *
when 3 participantsR$ 768,00€ 126,75 *
when 4-6 participantsR$ 678,00€ 111,89 *
more than 6 participantscontact us