The Roncador river

The Marimbus swamp area


Roncador swimming holes and Marimbus swamp

Difficulty level : 2
Level 2/5

From R$ 358,00 or € 61,43 *

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Tour information

1 day

1 h 20 min

Asphalt road : 30 min


Dirt road : 1 h

Boat : 1 h 30 min


Classic top attraction !

Swimming in waterfalls

Ecological footprint : Small

Description and pricing

An impressive canoe trip through a large swamp area and a refreshing swim in the giant natural pools of the beautiful Roncador river.  The lunch is on an old farm with a diamond history.




Marimbus and Roncador

The Marimbus wetland is located between Lençóis and Andaraí. The tour begins with a 45 minute ride on a dirt road to the little village Remanso, a Quilombo, founded by escaped slaves. From there, we take a boat and go down the river covered by semi aquatic plants as well as a large number of fish and birds. About 1h30 hour later, we have lunch in a old farm with a diamond history. After one regional meal, we will take a 20 minute walk till Roncador waterfall, with great natural “jacuzzis”, several small waterfalls and fantastic big-natural pools for swimming. After a refreshing swim, we go back by foot through the forest for 1 hour.   Easy level of walking and recommended for everyone.



  • Transport
  • Boat and local guide/rower
  • Qualified guide
  • Hot buffet lunch


  • Hiking shoes or sport shoes
  • Rain jacket
  • Small backpack ( for your own gear  )
  • Sunscreen ! ! !
  • Sunglasses
  • Swim suit
  • Camera
  • Water bottle

Prices per person ( all incl. )English
when 2 participantsR$ 538,00€ 92,32 *
when 3 participantsR$ 418,00€ 71,73 *
when 4 - 6 participantsR$ 358,00€ 61,43 *
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