Mosquito waterfall

Blue pool

Mosquito waterfall and Blue well

Difficulty level : 2
Level 2/5

Tour information

Entire day

3 km ( 1h 10 min )

Asphalt road : 2 h 15 min

Dirt road : 1 h 35

Ecological footprint : Big

Classic attraction

Swimming in the Mosquito waterfall + Blue cave

avoid brazilian holidaysAvoid the Brazilian Holidays !

Chapada Diamantina receives lots of Brazilian tourists in the Brazilian holiday weekends.

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Visit the pools on a different day and/or sleep in Igatu

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Description & pricing

An incredible blue pool which is best between march and september.
The canyon and the Mosquito waterfall is a magic place.  Voted on tripadvisor as one of the most beautiful attractions close to Lençóis.   We will drive on a nice dirt road through the jungle to get to the Mosquito waterfall. 


  • Do not book a visit during the Brazilian holidays !
  • Be aware that you will be lots of hours in the car during this tour !
  • Your pictures are sometimes more beautiful than the real cave !

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We will meet early at your pousada at 08:00.

The Mosquito waterfall

After a 25 minute driving we arrive at the dirt road.  This nice dirt road through a jungle brings us in 50 minutes to the begin of the trail.  We first admire the waterfall from above before we cross the river and start the 30 minute descent into the canyon.  The canyon is a magical place and you can have a strong hydro massage under this gorgeous waterfall.

The Blue well

We continue our drive along dirt roads to the Blue Well (Poço Azul).  Depending the sound of your stomach and other groups in the cave we will enter the cave before lunch ( a delicious buffet ).  You will need to take a quick shower to wash off sunscreen and natural body oils.  They will provide us with a life jacket and snorkeling gear before we climb down a wooden ladder. Down there is a deck and via a little stair we enter the amazing blue water.

Thank you mother nature for this once-in-a-lifetime dip. It gives the impression that they are all but floating in space.

Sun rays  radiate the blue waters, which remain 24 degrees all year round, forming a spectacle of rare beauty.

The best moment is between 12:30 and 14:00.

“A documentary from National Geographic tells the story of the scientific expedition that rescued, among others, the complete skeleton of a Megatherium, a beast the size of an elephant.  The bones are now in a museum in Belo Horizonte.”

Read this article of the daily mail







  • Transport
  • Qualified guide
  • Buffet lunch
  • Entrance fees for both attractions


  • Beverages

Chapada Diamantina is full of  bad dirt roads.

Some tours are more expensive because of the dirt roads.
Most roads are very difficult for normal cars.  Some roads are only possible by jeep.
After heavy rains some roads are self-destructive.

A dirt road can easily break a car.

  • Camera
  • Water
  • walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Small backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Swim suit

Prices per personEnglish
when 2 participantsR$ 568,00€ 93,14 *
when 3 participantsR$ 458,00€ 75,10 *
when 4 - 6 participantsR$ 388,00€ 63,62 *
more than 6 participantscontact us