Basics of the Amazing Pati Valley

2 days / 1 nights - difficulty level 3,5/5

Level 3,5/5

From 998,00 BRL or € 164,26 * (4-6 participants)

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Trek information

2 days

5-7 hours per day

Asphalt road : 1 hour first and last day

Dirt road : 1 h 15 on first and last day

1 night in a bed

Top trekking !

Swimming in waterfalls

Ecological footprint : Small

Description and pricing

For who?

The Pati valley is considered one of the most beautiful treks of Brazil.   Disconnect at least 2 days from the rest of the world and reconnect with yourself and the surrounding nature.

For who ?

This 2 day hike is recommended for those who don’t have the time for the 3 day hike but want to see at least the basics of the Pati valley like the famous viewpoint and the Cachoeirão valley.  You are in a very good physical condition to face some challenges : steep climbs and descents, taking off shoes to cross rivers, climb over some rocks, walking long distances.

Your guide may have to change the itinerary depending on the weather conditions.  Some parts can get really tricky or even dangerous.

This description is written for a trekking under normal weather conditions.

Your guide brings cereal bars, fruits and cookies as a snack and makes a lunch with bread, cheese, tomatoes, etc..

Overnight in houses

A night in a house of locals is an adventure on itself.  Your guide knows the locals well and will bring you in contact with them.

You sleep in a simple and clean bedroom.

In a shared bathroom you can enjoy a cold shower and use a normal toilet.

The buffet breakfast and buffet dinner are ALWAYS delicious !  As the locals are self sustainable they make their own bread, cakes, juices, tea, etc…  They use strictly vegetables from their own garden.

In the high season there are always other groups of tourists in the valley and it is nice to tell stories about your hiking experiences.
In the low season it can happen that we are the only group that overnight in the houses.

  • Transport Lençóis – Guiné
  • Qualified English Guide
  • Accommodation in bed of native house
  • All food included (3 breakfasts I 4 pick-nicks on trail I 3 dinners)
What to bring?

What to bring?

  • Walking boots or very good shoes with a good sole!
  • Sandal ( for the nights)
  • Sweater ( for the fresh mornings in the winter: 14 to 18 C° )
  • Rain Jacket
  • Medium backpack ( for your own gear + some small food supplies for lunch )
  • Sunscreen ! ! !
  • Hat ! ! !
  • Sunglasses
  • Swim suit
  • Camera
  • Water bottle ( we drink the very clean water of the rivers )
Important info!
  • Be aware that you will be hiking for 7 hours every day if you choose this trek  !
  • Weather conditions : with lots of rain, the path to the falls is full of water.
  • Big part of the trails are between 1000 m and 1300 m and have almost no shadow ! Lots of sunscreen and a good hat ! 
Description and Itinerary

Day 1

>500 m uphill | 600 m downhill
>5-7 hours | 15 km
>1 h 10 min on rough rocky trail
>1 steep descent

We leave Lençóis by car at 08:00.  After 1 hour of asphalt road and 1 hour 15 min of dirt road we arrive at 10:30 on the beginning of the path to the Pati valley.

Big part of the first day is on a plateau with no trees at 1300 meters ( 4200 feet ).  Use a good hat and lots of sunscreen !

After a climb of 40 min we arrive on a wide plateau.  When it rained the night before the only difficulty is the water on this flat trail.  Sometimes we will need to take of shoes to cross a small river.  It is exciting to approach the Pati valley with every step.  After approximately 1h 45min you are about to see one of the most breathtaking views of your life ; it is called the “Mirante do Pati” !  It is like you step into a film !

After a good lunch with one of the best views of the Chapada Diamantina mountains, we continue our trek.

We go for a late afternoon dive in one of the delicious waterfalls of the Pati valley.

Dinner will be served around 19:30.


Day 2

>450 m uphill | 350 m downhill
>6-7 hours | 18 km
>20 min on rough rocky trail
>1 steep descent

We start the day early because we need to walk around 18 kilometers.  We begin the day with a climb of about 350 m and the rest of the day we walk on nearly flat trails or downhill but nothing too technical.

Around 12:00 we will arrive on the great canyon of the Cachoeirão valley.

Stunning pictures can be taken here !

We will be back in Lençóis only around 19:00 or 20:00.

Chegando na casa de Seu Wilson, Vale do Pati, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Bahia, Brazil
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2 days / 1 night

Price per person
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Price when 2 participantsR$1.508,00€ 248,87 *R$754,00€ 124,43 *
Price when 3 participantsR$1.168,00 € 192,76 *R$389,30€ 64,20 *
Price when 4-6 participantsR$998,00 € 164,70 *R$249,50€ 41,09 *
more than 6 participantscontact us

We did a 3 day hike and a 1 day hike. Very good service by Pieter. The hike was amazing and unforgettable. The views even more spectacular. We will go back and we are sure that we contact Diamantina mountains again.  The 3 day hike was to the Pati valley with a guide called Jean. A very experience guide and changes the hike to your needs. I think it’s very important on a long hike that you have a “connection” with your guide to get the maximum out of your trip… no negative points… We strongly recommend Pieter and his guides!!!

The 1 day hike was with Pieter himself to Poco do Diabo (Devil’s Pit) and Morro do Pai Inácio. truly amazing!!!! the sunset was spectacular at Pai  Inácio and we did the jump at Poco do Diabo from the waterfall…!!! (i never, ever took the time to fill in a comment on the internet but this was such a positive, pleasant trip and stay).

Tom Aerts

From Belgium

Learn more about the price

Learn here why the prices are not as expensive as they look.

  • No expenses of a pousada or restaurant in town.
  • 3 meals a day :
    -You will have a nice Brazilian breakfast with fruits, cakes, breads, etc.  Energy for almost a full day.
    -Your guide makes you a nice lunch
    -At the end of the day you can enjoy a buffet dinner, lots of nice local dishes, cooked with love.
  • A real bed keeps you fit for the next day
  • The Pati valley is totally isolated from the “modern” world.  Locals bring everything they buy from town by donkeys over the mountains.  It takes about 5 hours by foot to reach the first village.
  • Personal qualified guide and transport is included.

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