All our prices are per person per day.

Check the specific prices on the bottom of each page.

You can make a reservation for a guide who speaks : English, French, Spanish, Dutch.

On the multiple day hikes, we work with local experienced guides.  These guides really understand and talk enough English to guide you.


Why do I need a guide ?

You will need a guide for most hikes even if you are a very experienced hiker.

-There are almost no trail signs in the mountains.
-Some trails are overgrown with vegetation and other paths disappear when arriving at an open rock mass.
Rivers in the Chapada Diamantina can unexpectedly rise very quickly, deadly accidents have happened already.
-Guides have experience with natural dangers like bad weather, aggressive bees, local insects and snakes.

A good guide makes your visit to the Chapada Diamantina an unforgettable experience.  A guide knows the best spots for pictures, the best swimming spots, knows how much time you can spend at a place and gives you a lot of information about the plants, history and local culture.


Why are some tours or hikes much more expensive than others ?

Chapada Diamantina is full of really bad dirt roads.
Most roads are very difficult for normal cars.  Some roads are only possible by jeep.
After heavy rains some roads are self-destructive.

A dirt road can easily break a car.


Learn why the prices of the Pati valley are not as expensive as they look.

  • You don’t have expenses of a pousada or restaurant in town.
  • 3 meals a day :
    -You will have a nice Brazilian breakfast with fruits, cakes, breads, etc.  Energy for almost a full day.
    -Your guide makes you a nice lunch
    -At the end of the day you can enjoy a buffet dinner, lots of nice local dishes, cooked with love.
  • A real bed keeps you fit for the next day
  • The Pati valley is totally isolated from the “modern” world.  Locals bring everything they buy from town by donkeys over the mountains.  It takes about 5 hours by foot to reach the first village.
  • Personal qualified guide and transport is included.