Rappel Lapão cave 50m

Difficulty level 3

Level 3/5

From R$ 220,00 per person or € 36,78 * ( 4 participants )

Tour information

Half day

Start: 13:30 End: +-17:30

5 km (+-2 hours) in total

Asphalt road : 10 min

Dirt road : 10 min

Amazing experience, few tourists

No swimming

Ecological footprint : Small

Description and pricing

A lot of kicking!  Rappelling down a 50m cave mouth ! (16 story building )
A small hike from Lençóis brings you to the Lapão cave.  An incredible rappel from a natural huge cave mouth 50m down.   
 For who : For people who like a real adventure!  Very safe but a lot of kicking!

50m Rappelling down the Lapão Cave ( 16 story building )
Departure Lençóis: 13:30 Arrival Lençóis: around 17:30 PM
We drive very short to the beginning of the hike.  The small path brings you in 1 hour to the top of the incredible cave mouth.   The Lapão cave is the second biggest sand cave in South Amercia.   
Depending on the number of participants and your pace, you can descent 2 or times.   A steep and small hike brings you back to the top.
Two people will assist you.  One on the top of the cave to assist you and one at the bottom of the cave, to pull a rope if neccessary so 100% safety. 



  • Transport
  • 1 Qualified guide + 1 help guide on the bottom
  • All equipment for the rappel
  • Hiking shoes or very good sport shoes
  • Rain jacket!
  • Hat or cap
  • Small backpack ( 20L, for your own gear  )
  • Water bottle of 1,5L
  • Sunscreen ! ! !
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Courage
Prices per personEnglish
Price in Euros
when 2 participantsR$ 375,00€ 62,68 *
when 3 participantsR$ 280,00€ 46,80 *
when 4 - 6 participantsR$ 220,00€ 36,78 *
more than 6 participantscontact us
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