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    If you do not know this information yet, please send us afterwards.

    Are you planning to take the bus in Salvador at 23:30 and arrive at 04:30 am in the dark?
    We really can NOT recommend it, because maybe you will only sleep for 3 hours.
    It requires more planning and attention, please be careful. If possible you can still change your bus tickets.

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    If you don't know yet, please check out our place:
    Casa Bam Búrrio, a nice and spacious room for an affordable price.

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    Estimated arrival time after trekking in Lençóis:
    around 19:00 (2 and 3 trekking )
    around 16:00 ( 4 day trekking )

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    After the trekking, I am planning to take the night bus (23:30)

    I am interested in a massage after the trekking. (1 hour with hot stones, R$ 120,00 )

    I will try to send the signed document "declaration of awareness" as soon as possible.( see below )
    I have read the document "cancellation policy" ( see below )
    I confirm I will have the necessary equipment as described in the email from Diamantina Mountains.
    *Contact us if you are in Brazil yet and have problems to get the right equipment, we can help you out.
    ** Not having the equipment can mean you can not participate the tour or trekking. Especially inappropriate shoes is dangerous for yourself and for the guide.


    Document “Declaration of awareness of risks”
    >>Please download and print this pdf and send us the signed pdf.
    >>If not signed we will ask you to sign this document before the activity.
    Click and download this pdf


    Document “Cancellation policy”
    Please have a look at our cancellation policy according the Brazilian law.
    By booking a tour or multiple day hike with us you agree with this policy.
    See or download this pdf