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  • Small groups, no mass tourism
  • Best multilingual guides
  • Easy communication in English
  • Transparent prices
  • Personal approach
  • Best price for high standards
  • Book in your currency  €  /  $

How does it work?

Solo traveler or couple?  We try to put all the travel dates together to form groups Bigger group or family?  We make a special program for you.

Join a group

My travel dates are flexible

Best way for solo travelers or couples with flexible dates.  Book at the lowest prices. We put you on a list and we do our best to form groups so everybody has the best price.  We give you a special price if you find other people to join you.

Guarantee your tour

My travel dates are not so flexible

Book your activities with specific dates and we try to look for more people to join. You guarantee your preferred tours and program.  When other travelers join, your final price will be reduced.  An interesting option for couples with fixed dates.

Private or family tour

Have your personal guide

Book your personal guide.  For couples the extra cost we charge depends on each tour.  For families of 4 members or more we don’t have an extra charge.  You can change some parts of your program during your stay.