Chapada Diamantina Tours

Discover Magical Places of Chapada Diamantina with us!

Enchanted and Blue well

Magical pools of the Chapada Diamantina.
Level 1/5



Fumaça Waterfall

Get to know this amazing canyon !
A great hike with incredible views.
Level 3/5



Devil's pool and Pai Inacio

An afternoon tour full of discoveries !
Amazing view on the Pai Inacio. 
Level 2,5/5



Mosquito Falls & Blue well

A very special waterfall and an incredible blue well !
Level 2/5



Sossego waterfall

Start to hike from Lençóis into a spectacular canyon.  Take a jump in the swimming pool of this big waterfall.
Level 3,5/5



Marimbus river and Roncador river

A canoe trip with great views to the mountains and an incredible swim paradise at the roncador river.
Level 2/5



Lapa doce & Pratinha cave, Devils pool & Pai Inacio

Very full day with 4 attractions in 1 day: waterfall, cave, view and  lake
Level 2,5/5



Pati valley from the top

A hike to the most stunning view of the Chapada Diamantina.  If you have no time to do the trekking.
Level 3/5



Make your holiday more exciting with the best Chapada Diamantina tours and hikes in Brazil. We offer interesting packages to cover each location in Chapada Diamantina. Select the desired location to find more information about the complete tour, stay and pricing.

Buracão waterfall

The most impressive waterfall of the Chapada Diamantina.   The easy access makes it that everyone is able to visit this incredible place.

2 ,  3 or 4 days

Level 2,5/5



Pati trek with Buracão waterfall

The best of both worlds, a Pati experience and a Buracão experience.  Totally different, and both worth every minute !

3 or 4 days

Level 3,5/5

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