Trekking in the Chapada Diamantina

The experience of a lifetime with local English speaking guides

If you have been planning a trekking trip to Chapada Diamantina, Brazil then you have reached the right place. Scroll down here to view our Trekking packages!

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Basics of the amazing Pati valley

2 days | 1 night  bed

from 695,00 BRL or € 160,74 *  

If you don’t have enough time for the 3 day trek, you can still experience this incredible valley !  It is possible to see the Cachoeirão view on the 2nd day.
Level 3,5/5

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Amazing Pati valley

3 days | 2 nights bed

from 950,00 BRL or € 219,72 *  

Most popular trek star icon
An unique experience in a remote valley!
Only in 3 days you can see the Castle mountain view.
Level 3,5/5

chapada diamantina trek

The crossing of the Pati valley

4 days | 3 nights  bed

from 1320,00 BRL or € 305,29 *  

The most complete and traditional trek !
In 4 days you discover almost all the main attractions of the Pati valley.
Level 4/5

diamantina trekking

The crossing of the Pati valley in 5 days

5 days | 4 nights  bed

from 1620,00 BRL or € 374,68 *  

5 days of trekking in the Pati valley !

In 5 days you will have time to discover all the main attractions of the incredible Pati valley.
Level 4/5

Cachoeira da Mixila, Canyon, Chapada Diamntina, Bahia, Brazil (8)

Mixila Camping Trekking 2 days

2 days | 1 night in tent 

from 650,00 BRL or  € 97,51 *

An incredible adventure to visit 3 amazing waterfalls.  You will camp on top of a waterfall.  This trekking is best for experienced hikers.
Level 4/5